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S'mores | Ol' MacDonalds Resort

Course: camping, Snack, Treats
Author: Wanda Baker


  • 1 box graham crackers broken into squares
  • Chocolate Bars any variety (mint, milk chocolate, nuts, etc.)
  • 1 bag large marshmallows
  • Peanut butter
  • Wooden roasting sticks


  • Roast marshmallows.
  • Take two graham crackers. Spread one piece with peanut butter. Place piece of chocolate on top of peanut butter. Add roasted marshmallow and second cracker.
  • Eat immediately.


Unique S'mores Ideas:
Peanut or nut butter with chocolate, nutella, jam, bacon or bananas
Brie slice with jam, fresh fruit (strawberries) or chocolate
Substituting coconut macaroons, oreo cookies, ginger cookies or other chocolate dipped cookies
Peanut butter cups, caramel sauce
Any kind of chocolate bar, they can be sliced in half.